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Introducing Citrix into any infrastructure is not a simple task whether it is a new deployment, upgrade or migration. Citrix heavily integrates into rest of the infrastructure and if the business requirements and existing infrastructure are not understood correctly then, from experience, the result can be very serious for any business in terms of time and cost.

A successful Citrix Solution can only be successful if it is accepted by users open-heartedly which is why our consulting approach is purely User Centric. Also, to make sure that the offered solution addresses clear business needs, the nuts and bolts of the Citrix Technologies are discussed in fine detail from day one, so as to avoid any awkward situations later in the project.

Our Methodology

The success of any Citrix project depends on how well the Citrix Consulting methodology is followed. Our unique approach builds on the basics to take the methodology to the next level and allows you to reap the maximum benefits of your investment in Citrix technology.

The approach goes through the following six phases to deliver optimum solution:

Due to the ongoing advancement in virtualisation, cloud computing and workforce mobility technology, businesses are under pressure to rapidly progress, hence why we carry out an in-depth analysis so that we clearly understand your initiatives and can align them accordingly with the correct technology offerings.

The assessment of your existing environment is the most important of the six phases as Citrix technology is heavily dependent on all infrastructure components. Citrix deployment can be a disastrous exercise if the existing infrastructure is overlooked. Consequently, a meticulous review of the existing infrastructure environment during this phase, as well as comprehensive assessment of end users’ usage case scenarios.

Each environment is unique and has its own requirements, so we tailor our solutions accordingly. During this phase, focus is on the end users environment, as this is the area that is often ignored by consulting companies. The whole design process goes through a custom-made solution which is unique to your environment. We also produce high and low level detail design documentation based on true proof of concept findings to deliver a robust solution architecture for your deployment.

The deployment phase follows an agreed design to install and configure the environment. Deployment is carried out through a phased approach to avoid any risk. During this process, the integration of all infrastructure components is tested thoroughly. After configuration, extensive operational and functionality tests are carried on each component level to ensure the new environment is functioning correctly.

To get the best out of a Citrix Solution deployment it should always be optimised, whether it is for performance bench marking, user login and session experience improvements, or environment lock down. After the deployment stage the environment is thus closely monitored with real users’ load to clearly understand which area of the deployment can benefit from further optimisation.

To manage your implementation effectively it is imperative that you have all of the relevant information and practical knowledge, hence why we provide updated detail design and configuration documents, as well as hand-over sessions for you to understand end-to-end picture of the implemented technologies and how best to administer them.

Citrix Solutions

As an accredited Citrix Solutions Partner we have been delivering small to large scale (5-100,000 users) tailor made Citrix Solutions to SME businesses in UK and Globally since 2002:

  • Workforce Mobility
  • Application and Desktop Virtualisation
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Security and Compliance
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Operations and Support Design
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Business Continuity
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